“Every hairstyle and hair texture is beautiful, and you are free to choose how you wear it”

No one can deny the feeling of a good hairstyle on their head. One of the best things about hairstyles is the ability to experiment with looks. We want to look good, be groomed and feel good right? Whether you’re trying to channel the look of your favourite hair crush, put a twist on your alter ego or keep it oldie goodie, let your creative juices flow. Hairstyles unfortunately are not immortal, as you know things happen. That’s why we need the support of a few good men and, in this case, hair protectors (hair care products). But figuring out which products work best for when in the cycle of before, during and after styling can be overwhelming. We think winter is the best time for an experimental junkie, so when it comes to getting started on a clean canvas and putting hygiene at the foundation, we’ve got you covered. Just as you change your routines due to seasonal change, your hair care routine needs to switch to a winter routine too. So we decided to compile some recommendations that we (our hair) absolutely need at all times, more so during protective season. Winter is in full swing and this comes just in time for anyone whose hair routine is feeling stale, and bracing the cold days ahead still.

Before anything, be armed. What’s important is to always incorporate a deep treatment practice to your regime (Hafro’s deep treatment works to promote proper hair balance by providing the scalp with the necessary nutrients for a healthy hair bed), or ask your stylist for a deep treatment touch once a month, and to analyze your crown always.

For a Hafrolista, adding a Hafro All Four Combo supplement to your regime is a proven path to keeping your hair well nourished during protective styling. Having the correct moisture and balance is vital for hair performance. You can add a quick spray with the Hafro moisturizing spray to finish, keeping the entire head visibly hydrated and refreshed. These hydrating moisture lock collectables can be used daily or as needed, keeping hair strong and intact, preventing dandruff and weakened hair. So for the girl with a knack for hairstyles, you already know you have many options. These can be braids or weaves, not forgetting the handy wig. For the classic braids (Cornrows + single braids), this is a girl’s fun go to hairstyle for all sorts of feels. Braids are like the friends we go to when we want to explore natural styles; they are simple while providing a neat and snazzy look that we look for every now and then. We know what you’re thinking; what about the itchys? Those stick something in your hair because the next itch is only seconds away, otherwise you’ll be slapping your head to kingdom come. What if we told you that you can still rock without such agents of bad scalp hygiene?

Now that you’ve found your best Hafro product for protective styling, get your hairstyle itinerary down pat. For those days that you’d like to embrace naturally styling your own hair, you can check these out


You can also, find short tips on the Dos and Don’ts of protective styling:


While our protective hairstyles still come with a low-key care routine, we hope you
have fun playing with your hair and, finding all the correct ways to use your products.
Remember Hafrolistas, at the end of the day, the best hairstyle is the one that looks good on
you and doesn’t hurt your foundation.