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Beauty secrets and benefits of nature's gifts
for hair and skin care

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Beauty secrets and benefits of nature's gifts for hair and skin care


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Beauty secrets and benefits of nature's
gifts for hair and skin care

100% Natural

Delivery Nationwide

We are Formula Botanica Certified!

FOUNDER: Dr Hajo Morallane
COURSE: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
LOCATION: South Africa
HERO PRODUCT: Moisturising Spray

Brand Overview

Hafro Natural is a proudly South African natural cosmetics brand that specialises in natural hair care products and chronicles the creative journey of founder, Dr Hajo Morallane. It started with the experimentation of African plant seed oils to create natural, safe-to-use, quality products to help nourish her curly, coily, natural hair and uneven skin tone. Determined to find practical solutions to these problems, Dr Hajo Morallane conducted extensive research on the nature of natural hair, especially that of African women. In order to learn how to formulate and run a successful beauty brand, she registered with Formula Botanica for a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. The support and guidance she received while studying and after graduating has been nothing short of amazing and empowering. Her natural haircare and skincare business has since grown beyond South Africa to other parts of Africa, all thanks to Formula Botanica’s comprehensive syllabus, which helped her learn how to formulate and how to start and grow a beauty business.

Dr Hajo did not know anything about cosmetics and never thought she would start a cosmetics business. She has a Ph.D in Entrepreneurship which led her to start her own business. As an entrepreneurship scholar, she learned how to identify a gap/opportunity in the market and how to exploit it. Her natural hair is curly and coily, and she struggled to find products that would help her manage her hair without damaging it. With a doctorate in entrepreneurship, she decided to put theory into practise and solve her own natural hair challenges.

She started her range in her kitchen, concocting skincare and haircare products using different plant seed oils like shea butter and coconut oil. She shared her concoctions with friends and family and got great reviews. Dr Hajo found a formulator to help improve her homemade formulations and then launch her skincare and haircare range. She did not have the technical know-how to start a beauty brand, let alone formulate with natural and organic ingredients.

After two years in the business, she decided to enrol with Formula Botanica to empower herself and found it an incredible, worthwhile, and life-changing experience. She not only mastered the art of formulation and learned how to grow her business, but she also learned how to understand the benefits of natural/organic vs synthetic cosmetic ingredients. Formula Botanica made her fall in love with all things natural and organic. Dr Hajo turned into a beauty entrepreneur with a growing, successful business and became an expert in her chosen field. She is now planning to launch her self-formulated, all-natural skincare range.


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