“I decided to start embracing and wearing my natural hair, but there was only one problem; I didn’t know what to do with it and how to style it. Growing up, all I knew was my relaxed processed hair, so I had to go through a learning phase” Kimberly Elise

What is beautiful about natural hair is that we don’t have to do much to be beautiful. Raise your hand if you’re fighting a battle (losing) with caring for your natural hair. How long have you had to sort through products to determine which have the most nutrition for your hair, your children’s hair? Don’t grinch and don’t answer that. If you’re a naturalist and your friends are natural, bring your natural family and let’s talk about how you think your biggest hair problem is that you have a hair problem. So natural hair is all the rage, but what does it take? We, at Hafro Natural do not exist to trend, but to assist with real resources to real natural hair nays. But of course, at the centre of Hafro Living is the hygiene of your hair and scalp, as well as our lovely natural enthusiasts who are looking for the scoop on the rewarding benefits of knowing. So, if you’re looking for natural inspiration, tips, and information then you’ve come to the right place.

Hafro SHEA collection is a gift by nature to cure and nurse everything that is not helping your natural hair. The blend of ingredients are particularly vital for addressing the different  types of hair goals and problems. Preserving natural wellness is what it’s all about and if you’ve had a chance to look at our ingredients you’ll see that we root, root, root for high quality naturally safe and reliable ingredients and nothing else will do. Maintaining natural hair is not easy, but if you’re willing to learn to care for your natural hair the right way, there are certain routines you should be aware of to keep your natural hair well nourished. Carefully prepared with the right ingredients to provide the right dose of nutrients with each use, the whole family can enjoy the richness and beauty of their hair without regular visits to the salon, unless you can get your hair stylist to get with the Hafro state of mind.

The dullness, weakened hair, dandruff, dryness, knots and everything lawless that you can think of when it comes to your own experience; we got tired of dealing with that and so should you. How about lustrous, radiant and doing the things kind of hair, all day every day? In loving memory of your tangles, follow and partner with us to enjoy a fulfilled natural hair life, and join us next time where we’ll talk about the many lives of your hair and how you should protect them. In the meantime, make a Hafro change in your lifestyle and find inspo from our sister in hair Amanda Cooke at www.capetowncurly.com/ an-easy-3-step-guide-to natural-hair/ for your 3 step easy to follow downloadable guide to natural hair. With a little patience and learning, you can treat, grow and maintain your natural hair without much of the hassle and tangles. And remember, if it doesn’t nourish the melanin, let it go. Regards,

Hafro Living