IBO Starter Kit

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  • Shampoo (250ml)
  • Conditioner (250ml)
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment (250ml)
  • Detangler (250ml)
  • Moisturising Spray (250ml)
  • Leave in Conditioner (250ml)
  • Hair Food (250ml)
  • Hair Styling Cream (250ml)
  • Hair Oil (100ml)
  • Raw Shea butter (250ml)

Our Hafro Natural Full Combo is packaged for your creative and versatile natural hairstyle! For You!

5 reviews for IBO Starter Kit

  1. Omolemo

    Before using Hafro the products were not doing for me I have tried several of them with the hope my hair will grow, until i was introduced to Hafro, which works perfectly and it brought my hair texture back. My hairline is slowly growing too. The detangler softens my hair. Hafro is the best!

  2. Schola

    My hair took a 190 degrees turn around to being bouncy after immediate use of the Sulphate Free Shampoo. Since then I have alternated all other products in the combo and I have renewed hair. I often buy the Full Combo to allow me the flexibility to wear my natural hair in any style I prefer.

    I have been using Hafro products since 2019. The products were made for us!!! Our brand.

  3. Richard in Zambia

    A great product is a great product! it is what it is….finish and klaar. Bravo Team Hafro…….You have outdone yourselves. Hafro works! All products do the job!

  4. Henrietta

    The Leave in Conditioner does all the magic in STYLING. You need just a small amount to bring out the naturally curly hair and shine – It can also be used to detangle and undo braided hair!

  5. Norma

    You do not understand! Our natural hair behaves well under this Raw Shea Butter. For salon use, mix Hafro Hair Oil with Hafro Raw Shea butter to moisturise hair before you style or plait the hair. It is an amazing combination. It makes the softer and manageable after wash and treatment.

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