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Where it began

Our Story

Hafro began in a kitchen in Pretoria, South Africa, and chronicles the creative journey of founder, Dr. Hajo Morallane. It started with experimentation of African plant seed oils to create natural, safe to use and quality products to help nourish her gradually receding hairline
and uneven skin tone. Determined to find practical solutions to these problems, Dr. Hajo conducted extensive research on the nature of natural hair, especially amongst African women. The result of this research is Hafro: a high quality product for discerning women and men who take pride in their natural beauty.

Dr. Hajo is a certified formulator meaning that she can create 100% natural and organic skincare formulations. Her advanced formulation skills allow her to create any organic skincare product from scratch and not just follow recipes. She is able to create unique designs
that reflect her vision and contain her favourite natural and organic ingredients e.g. organic butters, oils, waxes, flower waters, clays and essential oils. In this process, she is also able to create aroma-blends with the finest essential oils, flowers, seeds and plant extracts. She is
an expert in international cosmetic legislation meaning that she understands how to comply with the world’s strictest regulatory regime in the EU, as well as how to comply in other parts of the world.

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Founded in 2016

100% Natural

CTFA membership

Hafro is a proud member of Cosmetic Toiletry & Fragrance Association of South Africa (CTFA), which means that at Hafro we abide by the high quality and safety Regulatory Codes and Standards in the raw material we use, our manufacturing process, our distribution and marketing of our products.

CECOSA membership

Hafro is a proud member of Cosmetic Export Council of South Africa which means that we are export ready. Our manufactured, distributed and exported Hafro products comply with the SA Self-Regulatory Standards and Codes of Practice as set out in the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) Cosmetic Compendium

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What We Stand For

Care (no harmful ingredients)

We care about your health and wellbeing. We source and use healthy ingredients in our natural hair and skin product formulations.

Comfort (no heat, no comb, no fuss)

Your comfort is our desire. We believe that natural beauty should be comfortable, easy to maintain and free from pain

Contentment (no apology, no explanation, just do You)

Be content, happy and at peace with who you naturally are! We are fearfully and wonderfully created.

Innovations in Hair Science

African Woman

Hafro uses latest innovations in hair science to meet the needs of the African woman e.g. use of strengthening ingredients and those that provide super softness to help manage our natural hair.

Our Ingredients

Well defined by Nature!

The ancient arts of African beauty (hair & skin) have always travelled down generations, knowingly & unknowingly. When considering personal care, naturally made beauty rituals have long been discovered essential for the African crown and body. After some research, and blessed with an abundance of natural resources, Shea Butter independently made and in combination with other natural essential oils became a choice for wholesomely made beauty treatments as natural regimens to treat hair & maintain hydrated skin that thrives in the African sun. If you’re dying to know where to get all the nutrients your hair absolutely needs, look no further. From the celebrated native Shea tree, we’ve found solace in using the fruit’s natural virtues to create a product range that is sustainable and carefully formulated for African hair and skin.

Mindful living and healthy personal choices have become all the rave. Originally from Mexico & Central America, and now sourced in many parts of the world including South Africa, Avocados are personified with a wealth of virtues for health & well-being. The active properties as a skin hair care doctor are wonder workers. With an excellent ability to keep moisture in natural hair, Avocado oil has a reputation in the beauty world for its flair to support strong hair growth and maintenance. A graceful weapon to detoxify & strengthen hair, with the added goodness of Raw Shea Butter to promote and enhance the best in your African hair.