One thing that parents or guardians have in common is the desire for their children to be well taken care of. If you have natural hair around your house, a lot of crazy beautiful going on around there isn’t it? The decision to keep their hair natural can be an open door to being overwhelmed with inexperience, the education as well as the phases that come with that. Grooming kids with natural hair can be a Russian roulette, considering the fact that hair care is a big part of daily routines. Aside from the fact that it is always messy, most kids don’t like their hair being fiddled with (for a certain period). The real questions here are where do I start? What’s an easy way to wash and detangle? And the list goes on. The answers to these questions will come to you in your own time, but we’d like to highlight some common emotions as well as the points from which you start.

Like we’ve come to learn, there’s a lot more to hair care than washing. Add the entire routine to that and you’ve got a complete power struggle between you and your little one/s. We recently paid a visit to one of our partner salons and back to school grooming is in full swing. In walked a mom with her little girl (probably 6), and she was not having any of it. It appeared that a search for her whereabouts had ensued prior to coming in to the salon and yes, she knew what day it was and she was not in the mood. To ease her into the reality of being there, mom and stylist let her choose her own hairstyle. Of course it was not ideal, not to mention time consuming (and of course they didn’t let her have it her way in the end), but to cut the story short, she was appeased into the whole idea and routine of that day.

Calling all moms who are raising natural kids; when you’re an adult hairstyle trends & routines come and go, but fortunately when you’ve got children (say from 3 to 10) these routines can be here to stay. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with the hair journey for your household, we’re glad you’ve joined us as we draw attention to moms who are raising their little ones to love their natural hair. We’ve compiled a checklist of ideas, each with some obvious information and answers to even the most specific doubts.

1. Tradition
Be a yogi, you might have to try a few drills. The starting point is to be patient with your little one for there is no magic to this. Start by identifying the periods that you’ve observed to suit you all and build a culture around that. Don’t fret because this is going to be a learning process for you and mini you. If you’re a beginner mom, or a mom who’s fought countless battles, you are not the only one. If your little one is younger, this gives you the chance to practice. If they’re older, this is also perfect because they can have input and it can be collaboration. Maybe make it a home grooming day for everybody where you take turns doing each other’s hair.

2. Distractions at bay
At some point, your little one might be annoyed and you probably are too. The main thing is to not engage in any power struggle if it ensues. Give priority to keeping distractions at bay by distracting your little one and having them occupied with what they enjoy at the time.

3. Take Fives
Depending on their age, redirect if distractions and the tears pop up and you can’t get a handle on them. Instead, be prepared to accept that it’s okay to not be fixated on the rules (They are not set in stone)

4. Trick or Treat
You must be thinking; but why if the goal is to get them used to this? We know, but a delayed gratification might just do the trick and pave the way for next time, and it could also be a lesson of its own.

On a final note, the main thing is to be gentle and take special care, under any circumstance. A good Salon for little ones in the Pretoria East area is @Lekharebe Beauty House. They offer full salon service and their specialty, amongst others lie in children. Get all styling, grooming and treatment needs sorted while you continue with other adult things. You can make it interesting by pairing up with your little one/s for a salon day for the two of you (or three, maybe four). We also encourage you to develop your own formula at home and for salon days that help you as you go along while teaching your child healthy hair practices. The idea is to come out with as little stress as possible for you, your little one and their hair, not forgetting your peace of mind intact.

Until next time, see more cute and comforting info hair-care-regimen.html and see that you are not alone.

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