As many of us have learnt, there is no grater agony than bearing an uncelebrated afro inside of you. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been lost in the ethnic hair isle once too many times, and there was a point where you (like myself) thought that you’re one of those people for whom Afros aren’t made. Once most of us started feeling uncomfortable with the results of our hair care drills (and products), it took some time to realize that the same coconut, avocado and apricots (among others) that might be available in our houses have all sorts of uses beyond culinary delights. At some point, a bunch of us didn’t even know that ingredients are a thing, and the thought of putting any kind of edibles on our hair would’ve sounded comical. Now a revolution for natural hair has sparked larger conversations around personal care and the ingredients that so many of us have been sleeping on, amongst their other benefits. But before we knew about these perks, our own ancestors had developed beauty secretes of their own which played a key role in maintaining their skin, bodies and hair. When evolution took place, we easily consumed what was being offered without questioning and every time we turned around there was a holy grail product telling us how to cure our hair.

Today, we are learning a great deal about adding natural details into our personal care and beauty routines. Even more adventurous, many of us have began to try out the ingredients and adding them to our daily routines. But before we continue, let’s indulge in a little recap. As a person of colour, there was nowhere to go for natural hair care help. If you had natural hair back in the day, our hair care routine didn’t really go past throwing it into a bun or using extreme heat to have it straightened in order to enjoy some hairstyles. On the good days, tangle-free hair was pretty and liberating, and those days were few. So, we learnt to process our hair and found refuge in perms, relaxers, s-curls and all sorts of treatments that left our natural texture “handled” (in other words processed) and more importantly, straight. To top that off, we relished products that were unsuitable (not to mention harmful) and not helping us sustain what is left of our hair.

Now a new dawn of consumers is actively interested in and seeking more natural approaches in the personal care products entrusted to their families. Well, here’s our minimal hair care range (all natural) and the end of toxicity as we have known it. We absolutely love everything about our hair care rituals; aside from choosing natural, here’s how we keep fresh throughout the seasons:

1. Hafro Cleansing Shampoo + Avocado

There are certain oils that anyone with natural hair should know about. They are more effective than others (depending on your hair goal) and this makes them more suitable.

Avocados are personified with a wealth of virtues for health with active properties for skin and hair care. To enhance the best in our African hair, Avocado oil penetrates the inner structure of the hair to support strong hair growth and maintenance.

Our Hafro Natural Sulphate Free Cleansing Shampoo is rich with Avocado oil to thoroughly detoxify scalp and hold moisture in natural hair during each wash.

2. Hafro Natural Cleansing Conditioner [Peppermint Oil + Jojoba Oil]

Throughout history, Indigenous cultures were rich with personal care remedies and beautifying treatments that are totally natural. Now, our Hafrolistas enjoy an energizing Peppermint bouquet with a blend of Jojoba to establish balance between their scalp and hair. The Peppermint sensation in our Hafro Natural Sulphate Free Cleansing Conditioner works to transport oxygen between the scalp and hair follicle, while the conditioning agents from the Jojoba seed oil carries moisturizing qualities that specifically ease common sources of dandruff.

3. Hafro Natural Hair Cream [Coconut Oil]

African natural hair has specific needs to sustain and manage it and we understand how hard it is to style natural hair on those freestyle Afro days. Coconut Oil is one of the beneficial providers of moisture that is needed for natural hair to thrive.

The prolific water content works as a leave in conditioner to prevent dullness and combat dryness by locking in moisture deep at the shaft, leaving hair shiny and soft with less breakage. Our Hafro Natural Coconut Oil rich Hair Cream is a timesaving styling must have for those free Afro days when you just want to rock it.

4. Hafro Natural Deep Treatment [Lavender Oil]

Lavender Oil has played an integral part in self-care and personal care for aeons. This widely used ambrosia is adored for its natural aroma, among diverse other uses. As a classic beautifying agent, the Lavender essential Oil in our Hafro Natural Deep Treatment is prepared to stimulate blood circulation and rehabilitate natural hair back to its natural state.

Perfect for transitioning hair too!

5. Hafro Natural Hair Oil Treatment [Apricot Kernel + Argon Oil]

Since incorporating totally natural details into personal care is no new thing, the blend of Apricot Kernel and Argon oils has proven to be useful and essential.

Natural crowns can delight in the infusion of our Hafro Natural Hair Oil rich with Argon Oil for its benefits against dryness, damage from styling and other environmental casualties. Likewise, Kernel Oil for its rejuvenating Omega 9 acids in support of strong, radiant hair without the residue.

Caring for natural hair hasn’t always been easy and you may have to go the extra mile to ensure that it is well treated. The key to this healthy hair lifestyle is simple; treatments that are suited for your hair in whatever state it is in. Many of our Hafrolistas can attest to this, “your hair can regain perfect health”. Join us again as we continue this topic to find out more about adding more gentle and mindful practices to your regular hair care drills. Remember that when it comes to personal care, always question the science behind it.