Most of us have had to face (the hard way) that education is an important piece of the war of the coils puzzle. While some of us have been the underdogs of the afro nation, there are people that we’ve known to rock (seem to rock) their natural hair with ease, then there’s me (and those alike ). My wish to keep my hair natural has finally come true, and even that doesn’t adequately capture the depth of what I once thought was only a wish. I am now 12 months natural (through a transitioning plan) after many trials and errors and, I’m living my hair goals. What have I done to achieve this? Having access to suitable natural hair products has liberated me from the shackles of chemicals. As a comeback to natural hair after many years of invasive treatments, we’re realizing that our hair isn’t new and the sooner we live with it, the better. With individual and collective evolutionary perspectives on beauty, the message and narratives are now much deeper than that (beauty).

Many hair products such as straighteners, perms and general hair care have long served the purpose of “helping” black women appear to look what we may call ideal. This effort toward such beauty standards closely beard on the fact that black hair was not sees as a model of refinement. It was not straight (enough), not long enough or considered attractive. The nature of this actually had profound psychological effects that went beyond simply straightening one’s hair. The past years have seen a change in that perspective of natural hair taking place. While safety concerns around chemical products is largely driving this transition within black consumer preferences, we can also vouch that identity is at the root of the natural hair whirl and twirl. With the health advantage that has come from this demand, the increase in the availability of hair care products entrusted to our personal care is a big deal and should be if you think it’s not. Gone are those days of the hot comb or the straightener ding-dong and thankfully, there are plenty of role models too.

You’ve likely heard many of our natural nomads talk about how they use certain ingredients as part of their regular routines. But do you know why there’s so much fuss over them? Let’s continue discussing some of the main benefits of having such ingredients for natural hair and in your regular routine. Personal care has gotten “extra” thanks to the rise of natural health lifestyle and our scalp is forever grateful, so is our natural beauty. This healthy hair lifestyle isn’t just about looks, it’s about giving naturalists different and practical tools to embrace the eccentricities of their hair textures, beyond hair styles and accessories.

1. Hafro Natural After Care:

The secrets of Aloe have been kept for all of the world’s descendants. Aloe is right up there as a pioneer of the clean beauty movement and has been a handy ingredient cultivated for many uses. To elevate your routine, the inclusion of Aloe in your hair or beauty favourites and regimes is a good idea. Our Hafro Natural Moisturizing Lotion is a harmonious blend of Aloe and Menthol to supply moisture to natural thirsty hair. In addition, the soothing Aloe power is a virtue for African plaited, braided hair and dreadlocks. As part of our aftercare practice, our Hafro Natural Moisturizing Spray contains the signature Aloe, nestled with a touch of Jojoba to relieve dryness and minor scalp irritations during periods of protective styling.

2. Hafro Natural Detangling Spray

Another beneficial mixture for naturally kinky hair is Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil. This combo favours stubborn hair that knots easily, making regular comb through or styling a hassle. The stimulating botanicals of Jojoba in our Hafro Natural Detangling Spray works to improve natural hair texture and shine while the moisturizing nutrients help mitigate hair breakage by encouraging hair to be more pliable.

3. Hafro Natural Hair Food

Cocoa Seed Butter is known to have deep conditioning qualities that help to keep natural hair manageable. The scalp remains the foundation of the health of hair, and if the hair is dull, it may be lacking the nourishment for its well being. The water-based properties in our Hafro Natural Hair Food provides a non-greasy application for radiant nappy hair.

4. Hafro Natural Raw Shea Butter

The ancient arts of African beauty have wittingly travelled down generations with naturally made recipes that have long been discovered essential for natural beauty and maintenance. With profound corrective qualities to treat or nourish hair and skin, we’ve found solace in using Shea Butter virtues for wholesome hair and beauty treatments. Our Hafro Natural Raw Shea Butter is a player in the unsullied beauty movement.

Somewhere, somehow, the simple act of personal care became marred in myth and legend. Ask five different people how they care for their hair or what works for their routines and you’ll get five different answers, but the best (and hardest) part of hair care is consistency. It’s undeniable that more of us are becoming passionate about self-care and whatever your reasons are to visit a salon, it is satisfying to invest in and commit to hair care at home. For those looking to develop or start a hair care practice, personal care couldn’t get more therapeutic than with thoughtful formulas. Until next time; set a small commitment, embrace the beauty of every stage and learning phase.