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In The Beginning; Hafro and the Good Afro Hair Salon Awards

“Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders” _Henry David Thoreau_

Hair is the ultimate accessory to personal style and for a natural enthusiast, a good mix of everything hair worthy from different hair sources is always an affair. In November 2017, natural hair industry pioneer No Scrunchie in London (UK) hosted the Good Afro Hair Salon Awards that saw many beauty and cosmetic brands come together for a night to celebrate talent as well as excellence in the Afro hair and salon space. Then, in its 5 th annual agenda, @noscrunchie and Haflo (now Hafro) teamed up (amongst other brands) to share in the experience between a mix of hair professionals of different backgrounds with Hafro as one of the official sponsors of the Good Afro & Salon award show. The ceremony took place on 23 rd November2017 at the Montcalm Hotel, Liverpool Street, London.

The journey:

In the beginning there was Haflo, a spa and skincare experience with Shea pampering products. Haflo became Hafro with our focus diversifying to hair care, and the rest (as they say) was history. Naturally formulated for natural hair concerns and the transition from textured relaxed hair to natural from pure SHEA ingredients and, Inspired by personal hair care challenges and the restorative properties of African raw materials, Dr Hajo Morallane shared the conscious benefits and conceived Hafro. Haflo (now Hafro) was honoured to participate as well as be part of such a prestigious celebration, with a winning combination of the afro hair and salon movers and shakers, addressing a range of different topics relating to hair. At Hafro, we value collaborative ideas and this is reflected in our continued journey.

About the event:

A great night we had at the @noscrunchie Awards. With their focus on black Ethnic hair, the Good Afro Hair Salon Awards was packed with passionate hair and beauty specialists, covered by notable media houses like black hair and beauty magazine, spell magazine, melan magazine, and the voice newspaper. Amongst other guests, former sponsors such as L’Oreal Mizani, Mazuri, Shea Moisture, and Alchemy oils, Wet Brush, Skin 1307, All Shades Covered were expected to grace the event. As one of the official sponsors of the Good Afro Hair Salon Awards, Haflo (now Hafro) had the opportunity to present the award to the winners of the Best Cut and Style Professionals’ category.

About No Scrunchie:

If you have not come across @noscrunchie, they are an online catalogue and source for reviews of Afro salons based in London (UK), giving customers an environment to share their experiences. Founded in 2012 by @noscrunhie has become a destination for the afro hair and salon markets in the London area. Learn more about them and their work

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