Protective (OR) Style: More Than Just A Hairstyle

As you juggle deadlines, household needs and maybe even professional commitments: you can thank modernity for such blessings. Now take the thought of carving out some time to commit to personal care, on top of everything else that you have to do. Great! The premise for styling our hair is one area of hair care that is constantly seeing new and daring transformations. We have seen many brews of styles, trends and even peer pressure to make a person jump through hoops in order to escape FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Styling hair is something that some of us (if not all of us) do regularly. Whether you love a dramatic or a subtle style, there is a good chance that you look to braids, or other forms of plaiting to achieve most of your hairstyles. There may be lots of reasons why you or your friend may be looking to flaunt a certain “protective” hairstyle but understanding what is actually protective and what is just a style should prevail in our hairstyle decision making.

As mentioned above, you may prefer a dramatic look over a low manipulation protective style, and in most cases the styling routine involves braiding and plaiting, maybe even additional hair extensions (after treating your hair underneath, we hope). With longer lasting and short-lived styles, these hairstyles heroes do the expected role of covering, allowing versatility, they may even transform one’s personal look and sometimes personality. For some (myself included), hair care has been the same way our whole lives. A bit of familiar dryness here, some neglected dullness there and felt a lot better with a protective style on, never bothering about really getting into extensive hair care. Jokes aside, even with the protective style on there was no aftercare involved. But I was quickly saying goodbye to my twenties with no sign of improvement so here I am, learning about my own hair.

So, we now understand (or have heard about) what strengthens and affects the condition of the scalp on our heads. We can combine this learning to make better choices when it comes to how we mind the health of our hair when it comes to styling it. The one tip that seems to be a psalm in the natural hair community is the importance of taking care of the scalp (in this case to avoid hurting your scalp). Some have seen many issues as a result of constant over manipulation of hair, while they swear that it is the main thing that promotes their hair to grow. To move from this perception that your hair only grows or is only protected in an overly manipulated style is important. How about the stress that you put on making time to put an outfit together, a daily gym class or ditching your me-time for a catch up with friends? Now that we do not have the luxury to catch up with our mates, this thinking too, should be a permanent part of our hair care thought line up.

Protective Styling:

If you have the right hairstyle, you can go about your business. Our hairstyle superstars can be really creative and might like having a new style monthly, weekly or even daily, but whether that is protecting your hair can be up for debate. To help you assess your hairstyle contenders from dozens out there, we weigh in on the basic regulars for our protective style days.

Braids and cornrows are the champions of the hairstyle nation. They are luxurious, versatile, trendy protective hairstyles that can be worn up, down, side-to-side, loose, straight, long or short, formed by twisting or weaving one’s natural hair with (or without) extensions. In my previous experience, braiding only meant pain and discomfort, which meant that hair day was always a complete ordeal. I was put off braiding my hair for a good 8 years thinking to myself; why put unbearable strain on my head when I should enjoy my hairstyle without a construction happening on my head? This is our opinion on how you should enjoy your hairstyles and save your scalp; avoid pressure on your scalp. While this is something you should keep in mind throughout your healthy hair journey, sometimes the style you want requires just that, pulling. Maybe it is time to reconsider your hairstyle practices.

Low Manipulation Styling:

Until you have to go somewhere, it is easy to neglect your hair up to the last minute. Low manipulation styles are great options to freestyle and experiment with your natural hair’s versatility. These are also dazzling (and simple) ways to play with your hair and looks, with or without extensions. The sad thing is that I know women who do not believe simply manipulating your own hair makes them beautiful.

They include simple hairstyles like flat twists, single twists, two or three strand twists, knots, curls, a braided or non-braided Updo, ponytails that you can accomplish anywhere. The list goes on, but what an oxymoron to say that these are “simple hairstyles”. Who here has not tried an “easy” YouTube tutorial only to find that it is trickier than it looks? Well, we know how that goes; practice makes perfect.

Before you learn how to have your hair protected in a style, get to know how you should not overwork your scalp in the first place, and some reasons how your scalp might suffer. The same way that prevention is better than cure, you should not wait until your scalp is completely plastered

beyond repair before you think differently about plaiting. If this has not crossed your mind, consider this indefinite stay at home order to normalise healthy hairstyling habits. Until next time friends, remember that practice makes perfect and tight is not right.  Please Keep learning about some of the health implications of plaiting, braiding or even combing African hair, and more about the effects of hairstyles that constantly pull on your hair 

It’s A Win-Win Situation

As many of us have learnt, there is no grater agony than bearing an uncelebrated afro inside of you. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been lost in the ethnic hair isle once too many times, and there was a point where you (like myself) thought that you’re one of those people for whom Afros aren’t made. Once most of us started feeling uncomfortable with the results of our hair care drills (and products), it took some time to realize that the same coconut, avocado and apricots (among others) that might be available in our houses have all sorts of uses beyond culinary delights. At some point, a bunch of us didn’t even know that ingredients are a thing, and the thought of putting any kind of edibles on our hair would’ve sounded comical. Now a revolution for natural hair has sparked larger conversations around personal care and the ingredients that so many of us have been sleeping on, amongst their other benefits. But before we knew about these perks, our own ancestors had developed beauty secretes of their own which played a key role in maintaining their skin, bodies and hair. When evolution took place, we easily consumed what was being offered without questioning and every time we turned around there was a holy grail product telling us how to cure our hair.

Today, we are learning a great deal about adding natural details into our personal care and beauty routines. Even more adventurous, many of us have began to try out the ingredients and adding them to our daily routines. But before we continue, let’s indulge in a little recap. As a person of colour, there was nowhere to go for natural hair care help. If you had natural hair back in the day, our hair care routine didn’t really go past throwing it into a bun or using extreme heat to have it straightened in order to enjoy some hairstyles. On the good days, tangle-free hair was pretty and liberating, and those days were few. So, we learnt to process our hair and found refuge in perms, relaxers, s-curls and all sorts of treatments that left our natural texture “handled” (in other words processed) and more importantly, straight. To top that off, we relished products that were unsuitable (not to mention harmful) and not helping us sustain what is left of our hair.

Now a new dawn of consumers is actively interested in and seeking more natural approaches in the personal care products entrusted to their families. Well, here’s our minimal hair care range (all natural) and the end of toxicity as we have known it. We absolutely love everything about our hair care rituals; aside from choosing natural, here’s how we keep fresh throughout the seasons:

1. Hafro Cleansing Shampoo + Avocado

There are certain oils that anyone with natural hair should know about. They are more effective than others (depending on your hair goal) and this makes them more suitable.

Avocados are personified with a wealth of virtues for health with active properties for skin and hair care. To enhance the best in our African hair, Avocado oil penetrates the inner structure of the hair to support strong hair growth and maintenance.

Our Hafro Natural Sulphate Free Cleansing Shampoo is rich with Avocado oil to thoroughly detoxify scalp and hold moisture in natural hair during each wash.

2. Hafro Natural Cleansing Conditioner [Peppermint Oil + Jojoba Oil]

Throughout history, Indigenous cultures were rich with personal care remedies and beautifying treatments that are totally natural. Now, our Hafrolistas enjoy an energizing Peppermint bouquet with a blend of Jojoba to establish balance between their scalp and hair. The Peppermint sensation in our Hafro Natural Sulphate Free Cleansing Conditioner works to transport oxygen between the scalp and hair follicle, while the conditioning agents from the Jojoba seed oil carries moisturizing qualities that specifically ease common sources of dandruff.

3. Hafro Natural Hair Cream [Coconut Oil]

African natural hair has specific needs to sustain and manage it and we understand how hard it is to style natural hair on those freestyle Afro days. Coconut Oil is one of the beneficial providers of moisture that is needed for natural hair to thrive.

The prolific water content works as a leave in conditioner to prevent dullness and combat dryness by locking in moisture deep at the shaft, leaving hair shiny and soft with less breakage. Our Hafro Natural Coconut Oil rich Hair Cream is a timesaving styling must have for those free Afro days when you just want to rock it.

4. Hafro Natural Deep Treatment [Lavender Oil]

Lavender Oil has played an integral part in self-care and personal care for aeons. This widely used ambrosia is adored for its natural aroma, among diverse other uses. As a classic beautifying agent, the Lavender essential Oil in our Hafro Natural Deep Treatment is prepared to stimulate blood circulation and rehabilitate natural hair back to its natural state.

Perfect for transitioning hair too!

5. Hafro Natural Hair Oil Treatment [Apricot Kernel + Argon Oil]

Since incorporating totally natural details into personal care is no new thing, the blend of Apricot Kernel and Argon oils has proven to be useful and essential.

Natural crowns can delight in the infusion of our Hafro Natural Hair Oil rich with Argon Oil for its benefits against dryness, damage from styling and other environmental casualties. Likewise, Kernel Oil for its rejuvenating Omega 9 acids in support of strong, radiant hair without the residue.

Caring for natural hair hasn’t always been easy and you may have to go the extra mile to ensure that it is well treated. The key to this healthy hair lifestyle is simple; treatments that are suited for your hair in whatever state it is in. Many of our Hafrolistas can attest to this, “your hair can regain perfect health”. Join us again as we continue this topic to find out more about adding more gentle and mindful practices to your regular hair care drills. Remember that when it comes to personal care, always question the science behind it.

It’s A Win-Win Situation 2

Most of us have had to face (the hard way) that education is an important piece of the war of the coils puzzle. While some of us have been the underdogs of the afro nation, there are people that we’ve known to rock (seem to rock) their natural hair with ease, then there’s me (and those alike ). My wish to keep my hair natural has finally come true, and even that doesn’t adequately capture the depth of what I once thought was only a wish. I am now 12 months natural (through a transitioning plan) after many trials and errors and, I’m living my hair goals. What have I done to achieve this? Having access to suitable natural hair products has liberated me from the shackles of chemicals. As a comeback to natural hair after many years of invasive treatments, we’re realizing that our hair isn’t new and the sooner we live with it, the better. With individual and collective evolutionary perspectives on beauty, the message and narratives are now much deeper than that (beauty).

Many hair products such as straighteners, perms and general hair care have long served the purpose of “helping” black women appear to look what we may call ideal. This effort toward such beauty standards closely beard on the fact that black hair was not sees as a model of refinement. It was not straight (enough), not long enough or considered attractive. The nature of this actually had profound psychological effects that went beyond simply straightening one’s hair. The past years have seen a change in that perspective of natural hair taking place. While safety concerns around chemical products is largely driving this transition within black consumer preferences, we can also vouch that identity is at the root of the natural hair whirl and twirl. With the health advantage that has come from this demand, the increase in the availability of hair care products entrusted to our personal care is a big deal and should be if you think it’s not. Gone are those days of the hot comb or the straightener ding-dong and thankfully, there are plenty of role models too.

You’ve likely heard many of our natural nomads talk about how they use certain ingredients as part of their regular routines. But do you know why there’s so much fuss over them? Let’s continue discussing some of the main benefits of having such ingredients for natural hair and in your regular routine. Personal care has gotten “extra” thanks to the rise of natural health lifestyle and our scalp is forever grateful, so is our natural beauty. This healthy hair lifestyle isn’t just about looks, it’s about giving naturalists different and practical tools to embrace the eccentricities of their hair textures, beyond hair styles and accessories.

1. Hafro Natural After Care:

The secrets of Aloe have been kept for all of the world’s descendants. Aloe is right up there as a pioneer of the clean beauty movement and has been a handy ingredient cultivated for many uses. To elevate your routine, the inclusion of Aloe in your hair or beauty favourites and regimes is a good idea. Our Hafro Natural Moisturizing Lotion is a harmonious blend of Aloe and Menthol to supply moisture to natural thirsty hair. In addition, the soothing Aloe power is a virtue for African plaited, braided hair and dreadlocks. As part of our aftercare practice, our Hafro Natural Moisturizing Spray contains the signature Aloe, nestled with a touch of Jojoba to relieve dryness and minor scalp irritations during periods of protective styling.

2. Hafro Natural Detangling Spray

Another beneficial mixture for naturally kinky hair is Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil. This combo favours stubborn hair that knots easily, making regular comb through or styling a hassle. The stimulating botanicals of Jojoba in our Hafro Natural Detangling Spray works to improve natural hair texture and shine while the moisturizing nutrients help mitigate hair breakage by encouraging hair to be more pliable.

3. Hafro Natural Hair Food

Cocoa Seed Butter is known to have deep conditioning qualities that help to keep natural hair manageable. The scalp remains the foundation of the health of hair, and if the hair is dull, it may be lacking the nourishment for its well being. The water-based properties in our Hafro Natural Hair Food provides a non-greasy application for radiant nappy hair.

4. Hafro Natural Raw Shea Butter

The ancient arts of African beauty have wittingly travelled down generations with naturally made recipes that have long been discovered essential for natural beauty and maintenance. With profound corrective qualities to treat or nourish hair and skin, we’ve found solace in using Shea Butter virtues for wholesome hair and beauty treatments. Our Hafro Natural Raw Shea Butter is a player in the unsullied beauty movement.

Somewhere, somehow, the simple act of personal care became marred in myth and legend. Ask five different people how they care for their hair or what works for their routines and you’ll get five different answers, but the best (and hardest) part of hair care is consistency. It’s undeniable that more of us are becoming passionate about self-care and whatever your reasons are to visit a salon, it is satisfying to invest in and commit to hair care at home. For those looking to develop or start a hair care practice, personal care couldn’t get more therapeutic than with thoughtful formulas. Until next time; set a small commitment, embrace the beauty of every stage and learning phase.

Your Hair Has Many Lives

“Every hairstyle and hair texture is beautiful, and you are free to choose how you wear it”

No one can deny the feeling of a good hairstyle on their head. One of the best things about hairstyles is the ability to experiment with looks. We want to look good, be groomed and feel good right? Whether you’re trying to channel the look of your favourite hair crush, put a twist on your alter ego or keep it oldie goodie, let your creative juices flow. Hairstyles unfortunately are not immortal, as you know things happen. That’s why we need the support of a few good men and, in this case, hair protectors (hair care products). But figuring out which products work best for when in the cycle of before, during and after styling can be overwhelming. We think winter is the best time for an experimental junkie, so when it comes to getting started on a clean canvas and putting hygiene at the foundation, we’ve got you covered. Just as you change your routines due to seasonal change, your hair care routine needs to switch to a winter routine too. So we decided to compile some recommendations that we (our hair) absolutely need at all times, more so during protective season. Winter is in full swing and this comes just in time for anyone whose hair routine is feeling stale, and bracing the cold days ahead still.

Before anything, be armed. What’s important is to always incorporate a deep treatment practice to your regime (Hafro’s deep treatment works to promote proper hair balance by providing the scalp with the necessary nutrients for a healthy hair bed), or ask your stylist for a deep treatment touch once a month, and to analyze your crown always.

For a Hafrolista, adding a Hafro All Four Combo supplement to your regime is a proven path to keeping your hair well nourished during protective styling. Having the correct moisture and balance is vital for hair performance. You can add a quick spray with the Hafro moisturizing spray to finish, keeping the entire head visibly hydrated and refreshed. These hydrating moisture lock collectables can be used daily or as needed, keeping hair strong and intact, preventing dandruff and weakened hair. So for the girl with a knack for hairstyles, you already know you have many options. These can be braids or weaves, not forgetting the handy wig. For the classic braids (Cornrows + single braids), this is a girl’s fun go to hairstyle for all sorts of feels. Braids are like the friends we go to when we want to explore natural styles; they are simple while providing a neat and snazzy look that we look for every now and then. We know what you’re thinking; what about the itchys? Those stick something in your hair because the next itch is only seconds away, otherwise you’ll be slapping your head to kingdom come. What if we told you that you can still rock without such agents of bad scalp hygiene?

Now that you’ve found your best Hafro product for protective styling, get your hairstyle itinerary down pat. For those days that you’d like to embrace naturally styling your own hair, you can check these out

You can also, find short tips on the Dos and Don’ts of protective styling:

While our protective hairstyles still come with a low-key care routine, we hope you
have fun playing with your hair and, finding all the correct ways to use your products.
Remember Hafrolistas, at the end of the day, the best hairstyle is the one that looks good on
you and doesn’t hurt your foundation.


Natural Kids Who Rock

One thing that parents or guardians have in common is the desire for their children to be well taken care of. If you have natural hair around your house, a lot of crazy beautiful going on around there isn’t it? The decision to keep their hair natural can be an open door to being overwhelmed with inexperience, the education as well as the phases that come with that. Grooming kids with natural hair can be a Russian roulette, considering the fact that hair care is a big part of daily routines. Aside from the fact that it is always messy, most kids don’t like their hair being fiddled with (for a certain period). The real questions here are where do I start? What’s an easy way to wash and detangle? And the list goes on. The answers to these questions will come to you in your own time, but we’d like to highlight some common emotions as well as the points from which you start.

Like we’ve come to learn, there’s a lot more to hair care than washing. Add the entire routine to that and you’ve got a complete power struggle between you and your little one/s. We recently paid a visit to one of our partner salons and back to school grooming is in full swing. In walked a mom with her little girl (probably 6), and she was not having any of it. It appeared that a search for her whereabouts had ensued prior to coming in to the salon and yes, she knew what day it was and she was not in the mood. To ease her into the reality of being there, mom and stylist let her choose her own hairstyle. Of course it was not ideal, not to mention time consuming (and of course they didn’t let her have it her way in the end), but to cut the story short, she was appeased into the whole idea and routine of that day.

Calling all moms who are raising natural kids; when you’re an adult hairstyle trends & routines come and go, but fortunately when you’ve got children (say from 3 to 10) these routines can be here to stay. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with the hair journey for your household, we’re glad you’ve joined us as we draw attention to moms who are raising their little ones to love their natural hair. We’ve compiled a checklist of ideas, each with some obvious information and answers to even the most specific doubts.

1. Tradition
Be a yogi, you might have to try a few drills. The starting point is to be patient with your little one for there is no magic to this. Start by identifying the periods that you’ve observed to suit you all and build a culture around that. Don’t fret because this is going to be a learning process for you and mini you. If you’re a beginner mom, or a mom who’s fought countless battles, you are not the only one. If your little one is younger, this gives you the chance to practice. If they’re older, this is also perfect because they can have input and it can be collaboration. Maybe make it a home grooming day for everybody where you take turns doing each other’s hair.

2. Distractions at bay
At some point, your little one might be annoyed and you probably are too. The main thing is to not engage in any power struggle if it ensues. Give priority to keeping distractions at bay by distracting your little one and having them occupied with what they enjoy at the time.

3. Take Fives
Depending on their age, redirect if distractions and the tears pop up and you can’t get a handle on them. Instead, be prepared to accept that it’s okay to not be fixated on the rules (They are not set in stone)

4. Trick or Treat
You must be thinking; but why if the goal is to get them used to this? We know, but a delayed gratification might just do the trick and pave the way for next time, and it could also be a lesson of its own.

On a final note, the main thing is to be gentle and take special care, under any circumstance. A good Salon for little ones in the Pretoria East area is @Lekharebe Beauty House. They offer full salon service and their specialty, amongst others lie in children. Get all styling, grooming and treatment needs sorted while you continue with other adult things. You can make it interesting by pairing up with your little one/s for a salon day for the two of you (or three, maybe four). We also encourage you to develop your own formula at home and for salon days that help you as you go along while teaching your child healthy hair practices. The idea is to come out with as little stress as possible for you, your little one and their hair, not forgetting your peace of mind intact.

Until next time, see more cute and comforting info hair-care-regimen.html and see that you are not alone.

Hafro Living

You Can Have 99 But Your Hair Isn’t One

“I decided to start embracing and wearing my natural hair, but there was only one problem; I didn’t know what to do with it and how to style it. Growing up, all I knew was my relaxed processed hair, so I had to go through a learning phase” Kimberly Elise

What is beautiful about natural hair is that we don’t have to do much to be beautiful. Raise your hand if you’re fighting a battle (losing) with caring for your natural hair. How long have you had to sort through products to determine which have the most nutrition for your hair, your children’s hair? Don’t grinch and don’t answer that. If you’re a naturalist and your friends are natural, bring your natural family and let’s talk about how you think your biggest hair problem is that you have a hair problem. So natural hair is all the rage, but what does it take? We, at Hafro Natural do not exist to trend, but to assist with real resources to real natural hair nays. But of course, at the centre of Hafro Living is the hygiene of your hair and scalp, as well as our lovely natural enthusiasts who are looking for the scoop on the rewarding benefits of knowing. So, if you’re looking for natural inspiration, tips, and information then you’ve come to the right place.

Hafro SHEA collection is a gift by nature to cure and nurse everything that is not helping your natural hair. The blend of ingredients are particularly vital for addressing the different  types of hair goals and problems. Preserving natural wellness is what it’s all about and if you’ve had a chance to look at our ingredients you’ll see that we root, root, root for high quality naturally safe and reliable ingredients and nothing else will do. Maintaining natural hair is not easy, but if you’re willing to learn to care for your natural hair the right way, there are certain routines you should be aware of to keep your natural hair well nourished. Carefully prepared with the right ingredients to provide the right dose of nutrients with each use, the whole family can enjoy the richness and beauty of their hair without regular visits to the salon, unless you can get your hair stylist to get with the Hafro state of mind.

The dullness, weakened hair, dandruff, dryness, knots and everything lawless that you can think of when it comes to your own experience; we got tired of dealing with that and so should you. How about lustrous, radiant and doing the things kind of hair, all day every day? In loving memory of your tangles, follow and partner with us to enjoy a fulfilled natural hair life, and join us next time where we’ll talk about the many lives of your hair and how you should protect them. In the meantime, make a Hafro change in your lifestyle and find inspo from our sister in hair Amanda Cooke at an-easy-3-step-guide-to natural-hair/ for your 3 step easy to follow downloadable guide to natural hair. With a little patience and learning, you can treat, grow and maintain your natural hair without much of the hassle and tangles. And remember, if it doesn’t nourish the melanin, let it go. Regards,

Hafro Living