Natural Hair Challenge: Easy Steps To Combat Dry Or Dehydrated Hair This Spring

It takes a little getting used to the fact that natural hair is dry – and that’s okay. What it means is that our scalp produces natural oils (sebum) that sit on the scalp but do not travel down the hair shafts as they easily do with straighter hair. However, while the scalp normally produces these natural oils, there are scalps that don’t produce enough natural sebum as they should and this causes a dry scalp. This is where a good moisturizing routine comes in. when you moisturize your natural hair, this helps to pump and seal in moisture into the strands so your natural hair stays hydrated. Whether seasonal changes dictate hair routine adjustments or you’re battling your own routine laziness, keeping your natural hair hydrated with an elite group of natural ingredients has a powerful and noticeable impact on your daily Afro hair needs. So, as the seasons shift, the quality and quantity of our routines need adjustment, too. We’re in the full swing of the warmer days and switching routines to get your hair in its best for spring and summertime months ahead is a must.

However, it can come as a surprise – if you consider all the efforts that go into maintaining your natural hair. Whether it’s dry or dehydrated, most of us now understand the negative effects of either two on our hair life as we are becoming increasingly aware of the difference between the two. Because the main purpose of moisture is to pump nutrients to the hair strands, moisturised hair should not be an occasion but rather a day to day practice to fortify your hair from within. At a glance, they can appear to be the same but the key distinction between dryness and dehydration is reported to be that dry hair lacks oil and dehydrated hair lacks water. It’s so common to not know the difference – until a month ago, I didn’t know it myself. But many of us are learning, as is the case with our entire natural journeys -learning as we go.

As you continue, remember that moisturizing is a consequential part of a hair (and even skin) care routine. It not only hydrates the hair strands, but it also protects it from breakage, damage from weather conditions and even free radicals. On that note, it’s safe to say that not moisturizing our hair properly is a sin we commit and regret every time we have to deal with our Afros in their not so dazzling state. But sometimes no matter what you do to your hair, it still says “I’m still thirsty”, so you have to actively take steps to moisturize (and rehydrate) it. When your natural hair is properly hydrated it is able to carry out its purposes like cooperating with our efforts to style and manipulate it. Really good moisturizers like our Hafro Natural Raw Shea Butter, Leave in Conditioner or Hair Food (amongst others) are nourishing and able to supply sufficient moisture to help natural hair achieve a bouncy, supple and glowing sheen. It is helpful to be aware of normal changes in the quality of your hair (including seasonal changes) so you are better able to identify changes to the quality of your natural hair and address them accordingly. If you simply analyze your hair, it will sometimes tell you what you need to know (and do). However long ago you moisturized your hair, it starts to show and you know it’s time for a revival – whether you’re ready or not. Remember that if the integrity of our natural hair is impaired, the more vulnerable it is to tangles, breakage and damage. That’s why we should constantly be on the lookout for convenient hydration techniques to moisturize and rehydrate our natural hair as needed. So how do you know that it’s time to rehydrate? Well, keep reading!


So Is My Hair Is Dry Or Dehydrated?

Whatever routine you have put in place for yourself, it needs frequency and consistency. You don’t need a ton of products (or steps); you just need the right ones that work for you and your presence. While there are plenty of factors beyond products and hair types, dry or dehydrated hair is not the end of the world (although it can be frustrating to shake). Common sources of dryness include heat and styling products (and their usage), and the common sources of dehydration can be attributed to the ineffective use of moisturizing products, environmental elements and our overall hair care habits. While having moisturised hair is as important as cultivating a habit, there are a number of ways to sooth them both. If you make a habit of analyzing your hair, you may be able to tell what type of care and attention it requires at the time. The look of the hair may be telling, but the feel of it tells the whole different story. If you run your fingers through your strands and you get the feel of tangles and flakiness or brittleness, your hair may be dehydrated. And if you have no moisture to left on your fingers, it may be dry.

Tips For Caring For Your Natural Hair In This Spring

  • Step up your conditioning (Condition! Condition! Condition between washdays)
  • Add water based moisturizers to your routines
  • Be diligent with the daily moisturizer
  • Try the L.B (Liquid & Butter) method as an easier option to ramp up hydration
  • Be cautious with heat techniques
  • Make peace with the regular trim

On many occasions, we blame the condition of our hair on other things other than our own habits (or lack of) when it comes to taking care of it. We think perhaps the weather or even the products that we use are the culprits, and while there’s some truth to this, there’s more to understand about the state of our hair at given times. The kinkier the hair, the harder it is for the scalp’s natural oils (and your own oiling efforts) to travel down the hair strands because of its tighter curl pattern. The one thing to it is to take regular (and extra) steps to restore and revive moisture to your natural hair. When you look at it, what you’re really doing is moisturizing in order to hydrate. Head over to our YouTube channel for your daily, night time, wash day, wash ‘n go, plus other moisturizing (and hair care) tips.

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