An Ode To The Times

We have fully transitioned from the tradition of women’s month as well as the observance of black business month. Spring is in full swing with all its greens, was there a better way to celebrate Heritage month? August of every year celebrates women for their existence, their evolving roles, as well as their works in societies. Apart from traditional roles, women are pioneering great developments and taking big steps in the workforce, in business, in politics. The world is notorious for being a male dominated one. However, have women let this notion stop them? Have they not broken barriers to achieve some of the most significant accomplishments in the world? While August marked the observance of women, it is also worth observing on just how black businesses have emerged with entrepreneurial ideas and spirits in every field of the world. This acknowledgment of black business month highlights the importance of both women and women in business in all communities and industries for their contributions, innovations and overcoming backgrounds. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, naturally.

John Henrik Clarke said that if we are going to be masters of our own destiny, we must be masters of ideas that influence that destiny. John was right, and this Heritage month, on top of our ongoing entrepreneur appreciation, we also celebrate the expansion of our roots. Original Hafro joins forces with an all new Shea Butter range. Having realized the long-term commitment that natural hair requires, it is a Shea pleasure to announce this new range. The all Shea Butter range draws on traditional Shea Butter uses to achieve healthy hair and skin. Natural options such as Shea Butter have long been available (with little knowledge of them). Now that personal care is experiencing a growing devotion to non-invasive and caring alternatives, the black hair care market needs to be represented well.

As a back story, Hafro Natural was born out of the ruins of bad hair experiences. In an effort to recover her own edges, Dr Hajo, Founder of Hafro Natural Cosmetics found the virtues of Shea Butter to be extraordinary cures for her naturally coily 4C hair. It was at a point of crisis because there were no alternatives available to care for her chemically processed (and damaged by chemical texturizers that used to be a criterion for beauty standards) hair which she wanted to recuperate. Fast forward to today, after serving satisfied queens who are looking give their natural crowns optimal care, the new all Shea Butter hair care kit compliments our original Hafro Natural range (infused with nature’s other powerful contenders). It is no secret that we are impressed with Shea Butter. Every natural (hair and skin) enthusiast has at least heard about Shea Butter, one of the moisture marvels of the beauty world that moisturizes, protects, and rehabilitates hair and skin. It has replaced a lot in some of our beauty routines. That being said, when an ingredient like this comes along and proves its effectiveness, we are extremely impressed

With another public example of thorough misrepresentation surrounding the Clicks (Retailer) & TRESemme circumstance, our ethnic hair market is completely switching loyalties and shifting their beauty priorities. When the people with the responsibility for setting priorities do not fully understand market conditions, there will be a lesson in context. More people, particularly women have transitioned their love of personal care into business and carving spaces where natural hair is adequately represented. A good relationship with ourselves will set us on the path to cultural prosperity, and the growing natural hair love movement is one of the things that brings us a step closer to that with the freedom to tell our own stories. There is an old proverb- that until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. This heritage, we proudly reserve the right to tell own stories, and we also continue to salute women who are purposefully rooted in being masters of their own destinies. Every entrepreneur faces challenges that are unique to them, which comes with struggle and sacrifice. But as we conclude this heritage month, let us not forget all of the women who continue to be women in this world despite their barriers. Despite policies of diversity and inclusion, other women in every corner of the world (some more than others) still face several challenges. The good news is that women in other corners of the world are not only pioneering their own industries, but they also continue to support, lend a hand, and motivate each other. Let us acknowledge all of these women (yourself included) and give them (and yourself) gratitude for all that they do. Let us continue to go forth and pave the way with confidence. Happy Heritage Month!