Hairline Protection

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  • Leave in Conditioner (250ml)
  • Hair Oil (100ml)
  • Raw Shea butter (250ml)

There is no magic to healthy natural hair. We need to be deliberate and consistent about keeping our natural hair free from anything that could cause damage and harm. We recommend this combo for hair that needs tender loving care to avoid breakage.

Directions for use

Step 1: Moisturize your hair with the Leave in Conditioner. Gently massage this revitalizing happy hair secret to your Afro for that glorious hair day feeling.

Step 2: Seal and nourish your natural hair and edges with Hair Oil or Raw Shea Butter. Hint! Raw Shea Butter can be used to moisturize your whole body and help prevent dry skin problems.

3 reviews for Hairline Protection

  1. Moja

    After a thorough rinse I seal the moisture with leave-in conditioner, oil and raw Shea butter. I repeat this every second week, but, use my oil daily with the hairspray and leave in conditioner twice a week.

  2. Henrietta

    The Leave in Conditioner does all the magic in STYLING. You need just a small amount to bring out the naturally curly hair and shine – It can also be used to detangle and undo braided hair!

  3. Norma

    You do not understand! Our natural hair behaves well under this Raw Shea Butter. For salon use, mix Hafro Hair Oil with Hafro Raw Shea butter to moisturise hair before you style or plait the hair. It is an amazing combination. It makes the softer and manageable after wash and treatment.

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