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Our Ingredients

Well defined by Nature!

The ancient arts of African beauty (hair & skin) have always travelled down generations, knowingly & unknowingly. When considering personal care, naturally made beauty rituals have long been discovered essential for the African crown and body. After some research, and blessed with an abundance of natural resources, Shea Butter independently made and in combination with other natural essential oils became a choice for wholesomely made beauty treatments as natural regimens to treat hair & maintain hydrated skin that thrives in the African sun. If you’re dying to know where to get all the nutrients your hair absolutely needs, look no further. From the celebrated native Shea tree, we’ve found solace in using the fruit’s natural virtues to create a product range that is sustainable and carefully formulated for African hair and skin.

Sulfate Free Shampoo with Avocado Oil

Mindful living and healthy personal choices have become all the rave. Originally from Mexico & Central America, and now sourced in many parts of the world including South Africa, Avocados are personified with a wealth of virtues for health & well-being. The active properties as a skin hair care doctor are wonder workers. With an excellent ability to keep moisture in natural hair, Avocado oil has a reputation in the beauty world for its flair to support strong hair growth and maintenance. A graceful weapon to detoxify & strengthen hair, with the added goodness of Raw Shea Butter to promote and enhance the best in your African hair.

Sulfate Free Conditioner with Jojoba Seed Oil & Peppermint Oil

African cultures are rich with indigenous remedies and you’re in for a treat with this energizing Peppermint essential oil formula. An evocative blend tying together the goodness of Jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil and a bouquet of Shea Butter to establish balance between hair and scalp. A native of drought tolerant regions like the Middle East (including North Africa), Europe and other regions throughout the world, the invigorating Peppermint sensation transports oxygen right to the hair follicle to provide therapeutic benefits in women and men’s personal grooming rituals. The conditioning agents from the Jojoba plant carry sanitary & moisturizing qualities to specifically treat scalp, acting against the sources of dandruff.

Raw Shea Butter

While we are blessed with glorious African sunlight, often times the beautiful beams can impair the look and health of our hair & skin. Shea butter acts as a UV shield having corrective properties that have been used to treat skin & nourish hair. From the fruit of the sacred Shea tree found in some west African countries in places where the narratives of heritage continue to endure, presenting to us a world where we appreciate ourselves and each other as we are.

Deep Conditioning Treatment with Lavender Oil

Inherited generational use of Lavender Oil by native societies have been integral parts of personal care regimes. This widely used therapeutic ambrosia found in North Africa and parts of the world is adored for its natural aroma, versatile qualities and known for its beautifying agents for the beautiful of the world. With robust antiseptic qualities, the Lavender essential oil is prepared to stimulate and increase blood circulation in support of a hygienic skin and hair care regimen. Adding the lavender essential ingredient properly to natural hair routines naturally rehabilitates hair back to its natural state.

Hair Oil with Argan Oil

Africans have long incorporated totally natural details in skin and hair care practices, utilizing indigenous assets that have demonstrated useful cosmetic effects & beauty marvels. From the stout tree that lives and survives complex atmospheres in Northern Africa, the Argon dubbed “liquid gold” oil works to comfort hair prone to lack of moisture retention, to reduce styling damage and likewise environmental casualties with nutrients that are ready to be gulped by scalp & hair.

Hair Oil with Kernel Oil

As is the nature of organic components, there are many approaches to their qualities and Kernel Oil is no different. Continued to be used in skin and hair care rituals for its rejuvenating wonders, its Omega 9 acids are known to maintain the natural radiance of natural crowns, and support strong hair without leaving a residue. Parts of the world, including South Africa are homes to the Apricot (Kernel Oil) tree, pollinated by bees, dry summers, and mild winters.

Hair Oil with Black Jamaican Castor Oil

Black Jamaican Castor Oil has been a universal tradition for the treatment of many beauty solutions. Now, Black Jamaican Castor oil included as one of the key ingredients in hair and skin routines is a virtue. Due to its protein and antioxidants benefits, it contains key ingredients required to grow hair, eyebrows and everything hair related. There are plenty of oils in the market that include a combination of Jamaican castor oil and other oils like Kernel, or it can simply be used as a stand-alone oil with its versatile benefits that work best to enrich the scalp.

Hair Styling Cream with Coconut Oil

History has shown us that Coconut Oil has been used by diverse East African (Tropical & Coastal) cultures for hair and skin care needs over centuries. A timesaving styling ingredient bringing forth the expressions of the ways of living developed by different communities from priceless sources of life. Its prolific water content has a talent to act as a leave in conditioner, and the moisturizing qualities have traditionally been passed down in beauty routines and cosmetic purposes.

Hair Food with Cocoa Seed Butter

The benefits of Cocoa Seed Butter are favourable for their deep conditioning qualities that help to keep natural hair and skin manageable. The scalp remains the foundation of the health of hair and when hair becomes dull, that means it might be lacking nourishment for its natural well-being. Cocoa has largely been produced In west Africa and Caribbean countries, and used in the manufacturing of personal care products, among other reasons. The water based properties in our Hafro Hair Food provides a gorgeous non greasy application and radiance for happy nappy hair.

Moisturising Spray with Aloe menthol

In the midst of human activity and evolution, the secrets of Aloe have been kept for all the world’s descendants. For thousands of years, Aloe has been a handy ingredient from a plant that has been cultivated for different uses. From the Arabian Peninsula (Northeast of Africa), boasting a lifespan of eons because of its effectiveness, the soothing Aloe power is a virtue for African plaited, braided hair and dreadlocks. The formulation of the blend of Aloe and menthol actively supply moisture to thirsty hair during periods of protective styling.

Detangler with Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter

Another beneficial mixture for naturally kinky hair is Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. The domestication of Jojoba offers a glimpse into the legacy of the essential carrier oil found in many industries including personal grooming. Taking into account that African natural hair is coily, this combo favours you more if you have stubborn hair that knots easily, making regular comb through a hassle. From Dessert like regions in parts of Mexico, America & the Middle East, Jojoba Oil has a moisturizing effect to help mitigate hair breakage and loss while encouraging natural hair to be more pliable.

Moisturising Lotion with Aloe & Jojoba

Mankind has been given the gifts to develop creations from nature that have sustainable discoveries and real life results. Aloe has been a traditional part of beauty regimes, with perks that go beyond personal care. Black hair growth also benefits from the moisturizing blend of Jojoba Oil with Aloe. The wonderful soothing minerals of Aloe relieve dryness and scalp irritations. From the Arabian Peninsula (Northeast of Africa & Western Asia) among other countries, Aloe enjoys sunny climates all over the world.

Leave in Conditioner with 100% Virgin Coconut Oil

Ever wondered how to harness the coconut oil in your personal care routines? The good news is that Coconut oil is not just a trend, it’s a moisturizing heavyweight staple in skin and hair care routines. There are different types of coconut oils and a rule of thumb to opt for the extra virgin or at least the purest form available to you. Good old coconut oil has been generationally used as a nourishing and deep conditioning staple for the treatment and maintenance of all hair types.