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About us

Hafro is a proudly South African product for natural hair and skin. Created in 2016 by Dr Hajo Morallane, our range was inspired by the healing and therapeutic properties of African raw materials such as Shea butter and essential oils.

Dr Hajo spent a considerable amount of time conducting extensive exploratory research on the nature of natural hair, especially amongst African women. Her studies included examining scientific literature on the science of natural hair, registering for cosmetic formulation courses, consulting with industry experts and practitioners in skin and hair care, and consulting with formulators, chemists and dermatologists on what causes hair loss, hair damage and weak hair.

Through this process, she discovered some of the most natural and freely available remedies for common hair problems and set about creating a range of products to combat these. Hafro hair and skin products have been perfected over time, to achieve the quality products available today.

Experience pure organic indulgence with the Hafro range of natural cosmetics, enriched with 100% raw Shea butter. With its widespread use in beauty products, this key ingredient is the ultimate solution to skin and hair health.

Indulge yourself. Switch to Hafro today!

Our focus is to help households embrace their natural beauty with natural  products.

Hafro 100% organic SHEA BUTTER cosmetics is a happy medium between thick salves that take too long to absorb and thinner lotions that seem to evaporate on contact.